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Humanitas – one of my favorite place in Sibiu

I bring you with reverent hands

The books of my numberless dreams.

W.B. Yeats

There is charming bookshop in Sibiu – HUMANITAS.

It is a very local place but also international. You can find there thousands of books, even in the sinks in the bathroom. People come here to take a moment for themselves, to read a book , to write something, to dream, or have a chat with somebody, who sits at the next table, and have a really good coffee.

In the basment, which has brick walls and arches is a sizeable space for coffee shop among bookshelves.

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I search myself

like the seed that

searches in the flower

Ana Blandiana – The Middle on the Way

Last two weeks in Sibiu, Romania I spoke with so many people from various countries: Romania, Japan, Nederlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, China, Iran, Poland, France, Spain, UK.

There were individual conversations and meetings with passion, feelings, with different expirence and troubles. Our expectations were infiltrating in one point – Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

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The roofs in Sibiu have eyes

When I see you I am pierced

by light thrusting through me

from the poem of Lucian Blaga – Romanian poet

Sibiu, the city in the heart of Transylvania delights me with the details every day. When I walk on the cobbled streets, the roofs look at me, because they have eyes.

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First meeting with Romania

Belive that a further shore is reachable from here

Seamus Heaney

When I landed in Bucharest was very late, so I was worring a bit how I will get to the city centre, where I had one night accommodation. But to my surprise the ticket office was still open (at 22pm) and I found a bus which took me to the centre of mysterious city. While the ride I was still thinking how I will find the apartment in the middle of the night. Meanwhile I met an angel – local girl, who has led me to my place. She also hugged me and gave warmly wishes, so much needed, when you are alone in foreign country.

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