Brownie on the Coral Strand

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Turquoise crashes onto the rocks along the R336 road. The passing sun illuminates the moorland full of rocks that stretch out like in a movie. We stop in Carraroe at the purple Bia Blasta cafe that Liza once showed me. I’m trying to remember how to say “Hello” in Gaelic because in this region 80% of the inhabitants use this language every day.

There are beaches in Ireland that, instead of sand, are covered with coral algae called maërl. These are purple-pink seaweed residues that, over time, deposit sea lime and become beige-gold. A beautiful sea phenomenon. The beach next to the village of Carraroe, 40 km from Galway, is covered with stretches of coral carpets called “maërl beds”. Living pink and purple fragments mix with dead ones white and beige. I love dipping my hand in it and staring at the amazing shapes. Then I always find a nice shell.

Maerl contains a lot of minerals and is used in organic farming or gardening. The turquoise on Tra an Dóilin beach is transparent. You can wander endlessly through the rocky heaths stretching just above the strand. The perfect place to regenerate. Even though the wind almost blows my head off, I enjoy this moment and devour a warm brownie right on the shore.

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