Knockma Hill and the Light Shining Through

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On Saturday morning, the rain drips into my short Americano, which was made for me by a great barista at Jungle Cafe. The grey beginning of March still keeps me in suspense. Can I finally enjoy my way home?

I haven’t written anything on the blog for a long time. Because the dark time run since December for 3 months and two weeks longer. First, my cat got seriously sick, then me and my family. Between everything, our wonderful friend Irina passed away. Now the tram will carry an empty place around Gdańsk back and forth forever.

So, fears have scratched my everyday life. But fresh scars can exist with flashes of sunshine. Fairy-tale snow fell in Poland when Daria and I recorded broadcasts about my Irish paths. And finally, I could see other lovely friends, I haven’t meet for too long. Although I still feel strange, I started to wear colorful shirts. And I can notice birds chirping even in the car when I’m going to work.

In an interesting documentary about depression, I recently heard that even if you don’t feel like going for a walk, go out anyway. And there is something in it because when I move despite cloudy thoughts, pink tulips bloom in my heart.

Recently, Tracey, my friend from work recommended me an interesting place for a walk. Knockma Hill with the forest trial is 30 kilometers from Galway. There grow polar trees covered with fluffy and lush green moss, oaks, yews, elms, and sycamores stand next to them. Velvet ivy wraps the branches, slender ferns twinkling on the peat walls. And a laurel shrub grows from the grass. Maybe because of Finvarr, the king of the fairies who supposedly ruled here.

I make my way through the mysterious thicket and in front of me a wall emerges, and behind it, a mound of stones rises. Apparently, according to legend, Queen of Connacht – Maeve, or in other words the warrior Meggie, was buried there. In my eyes, it is for sure an archaeological monument, although there are only legends about strong and beautiful women. I leave it to your imagination.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, after work, Martha takes me to her place to see the film “My Wonderful Life” with the fantastic Polish actress Agata Buzek. A friendly evening with a delicious dinner we made together just on Women’s Day. So, how I can ignore that so many signals on earth and in the sky tell me that it is worth going where the light breaks through despite worry?

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