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Pleasure – coffee and records

Galway is Irish city inlet of Atlantic. City full of shimmering colours, heavy rain, sincere tolerance, culs-de-sacs, flowing to the heart songs, and loud cry of gulls. My no perfect city with some spaces, which make really antidepressant effects. One of them is:

PLEASURE coffee and vinyls records.

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People I met in the car

Many years ago, when I was a student I use to go by hitch-hiking especially for holiday. The idea came from the localisation of my university which was situated very close to the road to Gdańsk, which is the city by the sea in Poland. Every day we could see the signpost from the city bus on the way to the university. One day me and my two my friends just decided to go to the sea by hitch-hiking and so the adventure began.

Today, I don’t do hitch-hiking anymore, however the situations repeated to me that somebody just stop even in the city and want to take me by car. They are people, who I don’t know, but they so often make my day, because they are simple friendly.

So I would like to dedicated this article to them: Ian, Olive, woman from Zlotniki, and many others.

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Venezuelan Empanadas in Galway

“All our dreams can come true, if we have a courage to pursue them”

Ana makes traditional Venezuelan empanadas at Galawy Fresh Market, each Saturday. In addition to delicious food, she always gives sunny smile to the people. First time I met her two years ago, when my sister and my niece visited me. We were contented that we found terrific food on the street, also GLUTEN FREE.

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