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Galway Woman

Don’t think, man, what your life might be, otherwise, it wouldn’t be yours.

Czesław Miłosz, The Issa Valley.

Where are you from? – I have heard this question a thousand times in my life. And I always wondered what should I respond: where I come from or where I am currently live? When I lived in Poland, the answer seemed simple, because I was born in this country. Although I landed in the world in Warsaw and after years I moved to Wrocław.

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A birthday cake on the Connemara Hills

The third lockdown in Ireland lasted almost half a year. We could only move to five kilometers. Recently, the restrictions have been relaxed a bit, and we are allowed to move within one county. Missing Connemara, I could finally visit her. On April 16, the afternoon had a warm gray color, and we went with friends to cut my Birthday cake on the hills.

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Cards & Letters – My Home Travels

Since the middle of the pandemic, I have been participating in the Amateo project “Postcard from Home”. It consists of exchanging hand-made cards and letters with the topic which is HOME. In the first stage, we wrote what home is for us, then what was and what home will be. People from all over Europe were selected randomly. I am corresponding with Paulien from the Netherlands and although the project is slowly coming to the end, we decided to keep our exchanging cards and letters.

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Ebb and flow

This morning I got on my bike and went to the ocean. The water shone with blue and green in the distance, the hills on the second side seemed closer. I stood with my bike in dry seaweed stared at the naked rocks and islands. The elderly couple who also came to the beach went much further, soaking their sneakers in puddles. The ebb and flow of North Atlantic so visible in Galway have become parts of my life. Regular rising and falling is a phenomenon that affects many factors, like the position of the earth in relation to the sun. This is applies to each sea, but is not always visible.

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