Date Archives December 2019

On the way through Connemara

The first day of Christmas is gray. I pour coffee into an orange, travel cup and tea into a thermos, wrap four pieces of poppy seed cake. We go to Connemara. Can’t imagine to visit her on Christmas, actually I can’t already imagine to live without her.

Beige hills, raw rocks, wet khaki colorued grasses and white-blue sheep awake me to the authenticity.

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Keep calm and have Christmas card

When I make Christmas cards I become a child again.

I see how is snowing at night from my childhood and can hear the creak of wooden floor from the living room. Christmas tree is situated on a sideboard, which my grandfather found after the second war on the Warsaw’s street.

Moment shines, the street is white at night and I am waiting with the nose stuck to the window.

I cut images from the paper, the same, which I have in my memory. Then attach ribbons, buttons, and I wear elks in a crochet scarfs.

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Make love no waste

I meet Aurélie Vargas in one of the Galway cafes. We sit at the table and she gave me the fabric flower sac where I find: oval face soap, teddy bear shampoo and square body soap with stamped inscription: 100% hand made.

All of them made from natural ingredients, look beautiful in simple colours. I couldn’t imagine before how shampoo can be solid without plastic bottle.

I put them on the table next to our coffees, and Aurélie takes me into the world of her natural cosmetics. She explores it from four years, and she has been making them by herself two years already.

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