Date Archives February 2024

Brownie on the Coral Strand

Turquoise crashes onto the rocks along the R336 road. The passing sun illuminates the moorland full of rocks that stretch out like in a movie. We stop in Carraroe at the purple Bia Blasta cafe that Liza once showed me. I’m trying to remember how to say “Hello” in Gaelic because in this region 80% of the inhabitants use this language every day.

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Imbolc – a hope for clearer paths

The first surgery in my life is behind me. And I woke up from sleep just in time for the Imbolc festival – spring returning, which Ireland is celebrating this weekend. I wrote here a few years ago that the Celtic Imbolc meets at the crossroads with Saint Bridget’s Day. Meanwhile, I put on a ginger hoodie, light candles next to the ceramic volcano Vesuvius, and turn on colorful lights. And my friend brings me a red primrose in a yellow pot.

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