Date Archives November 2019

No more favourite coffee

I left to miss you,

I left because when I was close I could not see what I had

– sings Bebe, a Spanish singer, in the next cloudy day in Galway. I watch a videoclip, where she climbs on the sunny Sierra Morena mountains, dragging a tiny box with a few things behind it.

And I listen to the Lack around me.

Lack of sun, Lack of orange huge sofa, Lack of perfect job, lack of space for shoes, lack of coffee from 37 West, lack of Wroclaw, lack of ticket to Lisbon, lack of meeting with a friend (…)

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Ahoy river!

I live near the river Corrib in Galway. She goes out from the lake about the same name like her.

I like to observe how she flows. Sometimes I peek at her from the bridge, when I go to the city. Another day I come closer and then can see what is at her edge. I love to sit on a bench in the front of her or in the grass and just meditate or drink coffee. Sometimes I even carry dinner from home to eat with her.

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