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My December Cards

There is a cobalt sky behind the window, and a well-known house with a red door. Colourful lights hung on a curtain rod shine with peace. Its glow is reflected in the chocolate cup saucer.

I take out a small table and blue chopping board on it. Next to it, on the sofa, there are old magazines, extraordinary papers, scraps, and a pencil case with liners, scissors, and glue.

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Cosmos of Ciara Beckers

I am not looking for, I use what I have around me. When I see something then my ideas born, but also everything starts from myself.

Ciara Beckers is a young artist and in my opinion artist – pioneer because she explores the thing which nobody seems to notice. Her art is very simple but also a bit of surrealistic. I met Ciara last year at the Tiny Traders Village market. While we met again for an interview, I thought that she has something similar to Salvador Dali who was fascinated with revealing deepest ego.

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Keep calm and have Christmas card

When I make Christmas cards I become a child again.

I see how is snowing at night from my childhood and can hear the creak of wooden floor from the living room. Christmas tree is situated on a sideboard, which my grandfather found after the second war on the Warsaw’s street.

Moment shines, the street is white at night and I am waiting with the nose stuck to the window.

I cut images from the paper, the same, which I have in my memory. Then attach ribbons, buttons, and I wear elks in a crochet scarfs.

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