My December Cards

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There is a cobalt sky behind the window, and a well-known house with a red door. Colourful lights hung on a curtain rod shine with peace. Its glow is reflected in the chocolate cup saucer.

I take out a small table and blue chopping board on it. Next to it, on the sofa, there are old magazines, extraordinary papers, scraps, and a pencil case with liners, scissors, and glue.

I discover a little girl in myself

This year, my December cards are fairy-tale, but also very simple. Because I am a girl who flies with a balloon into the skies of imagination. Then I am landing down on a snowy field with my buddy – a pink moon. I breath in a world cut out of paper and feelings.

A typewriter by the turquoise ocean, so I can tap a letter to my friend. The rocks in the distance delight with Persian pink.

All recycled

This time I did not buy anything to make cards, not even glue. My cards are often recycled. But this time I really learned from the idea of ​​Ciara, who always creates from what she has around her. I observe that this method awakens my imagination incredibly. Because when you have little, you start looking around, seeing, trying new ideas, stopping afraid.

I used a Japanese paper bag with a piece of tape. There is also a fragrant of Tokyo, and mind of Paulina, who gave me this with a card as a gift. From a beautiful paper painted in Japan, I cut out the shape of a house, stuck ginkgo trees on it, and placed a girl, the main theme of my December. A cardboard tag from pairs underpants was also useful, because there was a funny fox painted by designer Fennela Smith who creates patterns on utility items (panties, socks, bags).

Colour, spark, volatility

Because the glimpses we catch at this point will fly away quickly. So I learn to waste, day by day, but not with tears in my eyes, but with acceptance and gratitude that everything flows charmingly like a river. And I am a girl on a fluffy cloud. Trees and stars above me. Seconds and colours ahead of me. Sometimes a cat’s striped tail also slips and tickles my nose.

What do you make for your Chrstmas this year?

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