Card Making Workshop with Wave Makers

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This post is about a fantastic card making workshop but also to memory Wave Makers community we created in Galway during recent years.

In early December one of Wave Maker Tana Kundek came up with the idea to meet together to make Christmas cards because she loves art & craft. I am a handmade cards lover too, so I helped her with the organization. Our best manager Elena Toniato took care of everything. She was always the ignition of our community.

During the workshops, we gave the participants some tips on how to make cards and which tools are useful. Tana brought, among other things, buttons that were perfect to make snowmen, and I brought punch and colorful paper napkins which are useful for decoupage. However, it was our common action, because each of the participants showed a creative initiative.

photo by Tana Kundek

Kate created a card box. Michelle invented miniature cards, and Sita punched out 100 Christmas trees and used all the scraps she cut out to create the so-called recycling card. Magda started decoupage, Artur cut out whole words, Elena combined the colors amazingly, and Erdem made a three-dimensional 2022 out of twisted paper. Most of the cards were sent to fellow volunteers in Veszprem 2023, Hungary.

This was my last activity with Wave Makers. Despite the closure of the European Capital of Culture Galway 2020, we were active still for almost a year. It was a difficult time of the pandemic, but as a community of Wave Makers, we have enriched the landscape of our city forever and kept a spirit of hope during the not easy time for society.

Now, I scroll the wall of our group on Facebook and the warm colourful sparks from the photos fall into my heart. So many amazing experiences that it could turn into a large book which maybe I could write. Meanwhile, we are keeping in touch. I think we will come up with something else even outside the program. And I imagine our next card-making workshop in the roof garden. I will invite also my neighbors – Japanese girls and of course Wave Makers. Because being international is a beautiful thing about Galway.

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Cover photo by Tana Kundek.

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