Kites in Athenry

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Finally, I am going by train. No matter if only fifteen minutes, I feel the same call for adventure as if I were going to Dublin. Meanwhile, I get off in Athenry – a tiny town near Galway.

On the platform, I meet Bronagh. She is also a Wave Maker of Galway 2020. We will be flying kites with Hope it Rains. It is not raining, thanks God, but the wind is as usual. Who would have seen West Ireland without the wind?

The grassy field where the event takes place, on the map seems near. In case, we turn on the GPS and we wander around almost an hour.  Even Athenry is small, it is the second time I can not find the way here. But it does not change the fact that I like this place. Finally we get the field and we can see Fidelis in Wave Maker’s orange jacket. She came from Galway by car, but she had the same adventure like us.

Kites – that is what we need

Huge and green field is full of sun and children whose hearts are excited about flying kites. They run individually or in pairs and capture unique moments with the wind which also likes to play.

Adults also want to fly into the skies of seconds. One couple saw us, where they were cycling.

Can we join flying kites? Although we do not  look, we still are children.

These unusual flying objects were created by artist Jeni Rody who opened the Umbrella Orphanage last year and invited over 670 abandoned umbrellas under her roof. She gave them a new life by making kites and wind-catching objects.

I made kites to give people the opportunity to have a fun, especial in a difficult time of a pandemic. I think, we need fun and relaxation very much.

photo by Bronagh Kenny

Oh yes! I had to find out it and I became a child again. Following Jeni’s instructions, I tried to fly the giant kite.

Jeni designed 4 meter butterfly kite. It took her many months of work. Before the right one, she made 25 others. Because it is not easy to design a flying objects.

Jeni leads me in the middle of the field. I hold the line, with the reel, then pull and the colourful giant rises into the sky. I feel its weight, have it, run and lead the kite across the sky. It is an amazing feeling. I feel like a hero. I have never flown kites before. Now I am experiencing how much fun it is. Bronagh is taking the photos. The sun pints a sparkle on our faces and emotions.

photo by Malgosia Doczyk

Beautiful Saturday with kites and flowing hair. There is also interesting kite in the shape of a cone. I have never seen this kind of object.

Some woman is flying a mini kite. She is standing, letting go and talking to us. Kite enthusiasts. I guess, now I am also one of them.

photo by Bronagh Kenny
photo by Bronagh Kenny

The photos by Bronagh Kenny. All rights reserved.

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  1. Irena 20 September 2020 at 20:39

    dobry kraj dla latawców ta Irlandia 🙂

    1. Blue Tram 20 September 2020 at 21:01

      Hehe, to prawda. Wiatr wieje codziennie 🙂

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