Hania Rani Can Do Anything In Music

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Long day – a guy talks to us in Dudley’s Bar, where we are waiting for a concert by Hania Rani, a Polish pianist and composer. I’m drinking a pint of Blue Ghosts in honor of her new album ‘Ghosts’.

Oh yes, it’s a very long and exciting day, for us, we came from Galway, because just around the corner in Vicar Street will perform an amazing artist who can do anything in music – says Maciek.

There is already the piano, grand piano, synthesizer, and a large double bass. We sit at a table near the stage. Hania come out in the dark a moment before the performance to check something else in the equipment. And when the concert begins, the otherworldly sounds start to trill within us.

I can hear the trees, the ocean, the leaves, and even the stones. Hania’s voice is like a ghost bird soaring gently over a fleeting moment. It pierces listeners like moonlight. Rarely does anyone reach for their phone to take a picture. We want to be fully in what is happening. One girl is sketching something to the music.

The front of piano is uncovered and I can see its heart with all the wooden dampers, hammers and strings. Hania touches the keys as if they were made of velvet and I can hear the softness of the fabric. Her hands are like wings when she plays. The legs dance, changing the pedals, and her hair swirls on the head. She literally creates the music with every part of her body. Duncan Bellamy is plucking the strings of his double bass in an interesting way. So much so that I hear the wood and then the sound of the piano becomes like the ice melts and turns into a river.

I will be gone tonight
Everything’s done for a while

And I will be silence with yours
In your fire, in the night
We will be dancing like ghost

-sings Hania Rani in her piece “Dancing with Gosths”.

Hania Rani and Duncan Bellamy

Part of the scene is shrouded in fog. What is this fog? Robert said that there will be fog on the island today. Maybe it’s Halloween, and the artist herself is surprised. But, this fog also has a smell. It appears it disappears. It covers our way when we return to Galway. Because this concert charmed us. It had awakened the sun, rain, and stars in us all at once. It lit up October. Now the rain – ghost can fall as much as it wants. No more answers “whys” *

*fragment “Don’t Break My Heart”, by Hania Rani.

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