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When I go through early autumn Connemara, I see yellow, sheen green, burgundy, beige, and grey in the afternoon light. The mountains have rough brown skin and they resemble elephants like when I was on the hike to Carrauntoohil.

Meanwhile, Connemara of Joan Finnegan’s painting emerges from midnight blue to pink, strong green, turquoise, Venetian red, and clear orange sun – every day new. The hills contain colorful stripes and squares. There is a fuschia road from Inishnee across the sapphire blue water and leading to a turquoise mountain under the watermelon sky.

Road from Inishnee by Joan Finnegan

Those colours and shapes bring magic inside my heart. They are a mix of feelings and shots of memory. Now present in a small gallery in Clifden as a part of Clifden Art Festival. I wear orange corals and a rainbow scarf for this event. And have no idea that today I would meet my favorite artist Joan Finnegan. Joan is standing in the background her paintings in the emerald cardigan and tangerine skirt with berry zigzags. She recognizes me, even though we know each other only from Instagram.

Autumn flowers lay on the table in a gallery full of present moments. “As I see it” name of the exhibition invites us to discover artis view but also ourselves emotions for surprising details of life. There is a notebook with drawn impressions of different seconds, as well. For example from a plane flight.

Joan’s abstract painting reflects the simplicity and extraordinary of life. The artist herself is like her paintings, joyful, curious about each person, colorful, and brave. The meeting with her art revives the woman poet in me. In the middle of the Twelve Bens mountains, I believe again that the path leads me to a new every day. And now, in the windy beginning of autumn in my orange cap like the sun from Joan’s compositions.

In the background of the painting "Every Day New".
Photo by Maciek Doczyk

Check out Joan Finnegan’s website and Instagram. She was awarded an Arts Agility Award, and her painting Diamond Hill has been accepted for the Royal Ulster Academy 142nd Exhibition at the Ulster Museum opening 12th October 2023.

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2 Comments ‘As I see it’ – Joan Finnegan Art

  1. Sharon 24 September 2023 at 14:33

    It is so wonderful to be inspired by other women artists, and I feel the vibrant connection between you and Joan. I tend to be a Black and White and Grey muted person, and so, here with my first coffee, I wake up this morning to this incredibly welcoming palette and friendship!

    1. Blue Tram 24 September 2023 at 14:53

      Thank you, Sharon! You are a colorful, passionate woman for sure as well. And, I can’t wait to meet you in NY, too. 🙂 I still remember how we found each other. 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed this post with your morning coffee. Hugs from rainy Ireland.


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