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I walk through Galway, the blue-yellow Tigh Neahtain bar gleaming in a good mood. People getting inspired from here and now. My favorite Dominik Street winks in the Galway Bay Tatto window. I always knew that this Art Gallery was where I would get my tattoo. Because there is a charm exhibition by Nancy Klain, botanical artist & owner of this studio. And it fascinate me every time.

In a moment, Dimitri tattoo artist is cutting out a template of a tulip that my husband designed for me.

-It will be like cat scratching – Dimitri says. And indeed it is so. On my forearm, a malachite stalk and an orange-red flower are born. Two petals falling, or rather dance. And I feel calm and joyful that my dream is coming true.

Siobhán gets a gift voucher for a tattoo studio when she’s 20. The tattoo artist has F* Y* tattooed on the inside of his mouth. -Oh God, how he was handsome, a long, chestnut hair and that killer smile. Now she sometimes forgets that even has a tattoo.

D. is extremely happy that he has colorful tattoos. There is no story behind them, they just make him happy. – Some people do, some don’t – so, he says.

-You know I want already two more, one on the back of my neck and the other on my leg. – I confess.
-Oh, yeah, I know that feeling. Because getting a tattoo is a bit addictive. – he smiles.

Although it’s just a great feeling that you’re wearing a drawing that’s important to you. Denise designed her grannie’s favorite flowers on her ankle.

Lee has a green dragon eye on his hand. And the inscription “Dad” on the fingers. In effect, he has many tattoos on body. He just likes art. No deeper philosophy, just simple joyfulness. For me, a tattoo is like jewelry that I don’t have to take off, that doesn’t bother me, that doesn’t get tangled or lost.

-It was 3 hours of extreme pain, when was a teenager. In a few days I saw a girl with an identical tattoo. But I don’t regret anything. Now I would like to do another one, although I am not immune to pain.- says Angela.

Damian has almost tattooed a whole body. As a boy, he dreamed of having tattoos because his dad wears them since he remeber.

– I am interested in ancient, Greek and Roman culture, and I have such motifs on my body. -Buy Bepanthen, the best cream, wash your tattoo with natural soap, dry it with a paper towel, and apply the cream several times a day for two weeks. Later find some sunscreen to keep the color. – he recommends it to me

A. has a beautiful fox on her shoulder that has exactly her mother’s eyes. This is one of the most wonderful tattoos I have ever seen. I also liked the simple chair and the blue-red painting on the arm of an unknown girl.

My tattoo healed quickly, without foil, and the colors spread beautifully like watercolors. Now, I wear this unique drawing my Maciek made for me. And, I feel so good.

-Haha, Dimitri, he is really talented, he also did my tattoo, I find out from my friend Grazia. – Now I want another one in the same place as your tulip. It will be a feather to remind me that I can’t lift heavy things. – Grazia tells me.

Three weeks later, I drop in to Galway Bay Tattoo, again. Because there are always friendly people, you can talk or ask something. I met Stephen Kennedy, tattoo artist from Australia. He has nice jungle on his arms. There are some plants from his country and the black snake. He is also a former rugby player and wears tattoo on the back of his calf made on a small Pacific island by traditional method.

I had no idea that Polynesian culture is famous for the oldest tattoos in the world, drawn for two thousand years. The tattoos are made on the skin with black ink using small shark tooth chisels. And the patterns are based on repeating lines and geometric shapes. Oh, it’s a painful method, but it doesn’t discourage the warriors.

The sun shines through fleeting moments, the wind never leaves the Irish island. I wander in town and glance at my tulip, thinking a little bit about Maoris. And then about this tattoo studio on Dominik Street where my adventure began.

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