A birthday cake on the Connemara Hills

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The third lockdown in Ireland lasted almost half a year. We could only move to five kilometers. Recently, the restrictions have been relaxed a bit, and we are allowed to move within one county. Missing Connemara, I could finally visit her. On April 16, the afternoon had a warm gray color, and we went with friends to cut my Birthday cake on the hills.

Feliz cumpleaños

From Oughterard, the graphite road waved like a ribbon between feelings. The sensitive sound of the stream came to meet us. And the sheep were amazed at the sight of four people scrambling up the hill. On my shoulder, I was carrying a Connemara bag painted by my friend Ania, and which I could finally put on Tufts of sedge.

I took out and handed out to each of us a paper plate, the napkin in fuchsia colour, and a fork straight from the kitchen drawer. In another package, I brought a chocolate forest fruit cake ordered by M. in Le Petit Délice – a French pastry, where we buy delicious bread every day. Feliz cumpleaños – the marzipan note on the cake was highlighted by the light from the space.

We just couldn’t open the wine because we forgot the wine oppener. However, Jacek found an interesting tool in the car with which he pushed the entire cork into the bottle. My mam confided in me that she opened this way each wine. The Italian Sauvignon Blanc tasted of the past and the present, at the same time. The wind wanted to take us up together with a blanket, ruffled our hair, chilled our hands, and tugged at our cat dress as I cut dough on Connemara’s mounds. Ahead of us stretched the peaks of the Twelve Bens, lake, and multi-dimensional lands in all shades of blue.


It was a short celebration, but very intense. The rain came in as usual without invitation. Although we were a bit cold, we were honestly happy. The way back was dancing between mustard grasses and foggy blue. Blind Melon sang that some people like rain very much and keep an eye for it,as jumping through puddles can be fun.

At home, I was staring for a long time at the photos and videos posted by my friends on whats up group: Gocha’s Birthday, founded by Jacek. I thought about how lucky I am in life and how little I need to wake up from a screwed-up dream. Every year, birthdays remind me to be inspired by the little beauty around me and always brush aside clouded doubts and unfreeze my heart. Yes, it’s all happening inside me, sometimes it’s even very dark, but the sun light up on time.

Thank you for all the birthday surprises and all those from ordinary days!

Photos by Bia, Jack, and Maciek.

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