Hand-painted canvas bags by Anna Rychert

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Finally is snowing in Galway. I stick my head out the window, the white flakes dance and fall on my face. It very rarely have fluffy winter in Ireland. Today’s snow is also fleeting, I know it is one day, but I am happy as a child of it.

I run with my camera to the river, and on my way, in the corridor, I notice a parcel from Poland. This is a cloth bag with a painted Connemara, made for me by Anna Rychert. I hang it over my shoulder feel joyfully, snow is falling on the sheep’s head and yellow sneakers. And I wonder how I deserved for such beautiful surprises from friends.

The lights, in an instant can bright up any left content

Since childhood Ania Rychert has been trying to transfer what she sees on paper with crayons. At the beginning most often she sketched birds. Then she left drawing and painting a little bit aside for many years, but always was making craft. When few years ago Ania read the article by a journalist Monika Andruszewska about patients of a psychiatric hospital in Svatove. Where also are victism of war in Donbass, in Ukraine, and who were sometimes abandoned by their loved ones. Anna decided to send them postcards, and she still is doing it. The painted canvas bags were another idea for gifts. The patients enjoyed her letters and handmade surprises. This is a light to their lives. They started to call her auntie Ania.

You can take the beautiful painting anywhere

Now she paints canvas bags for friends. Ania presents on the bags their interests or characters. She portraits fleeting moments, such as a group of friends walking in the woods. On Ania’s bags, the lake and the marina of boats shine in the sun, autumn leaves fall onto the path, a Gothic tower emerges from behind dense trees, and the cat purrs under the rainbow. She also made a peculiar bag with illustration of blog bobreczki for Justyna Paluch.

Ania paints pictures on T-shirts, especially for the granddaughter, as well. Her illustrations look like paintings took from a gallery, and on a bag or blouse, they can be taken anywhere. This art is also durable because is made with special fabric paints.

I love fabric bags not only for shopping. I carry books, notebooks or sandwiches in them. I can hide my gloves, a hat, or extra sweater. There is more to canvas than the eye can see. For me, such a bag is part of my everyday fashion.

It is already evening, the snow is slowly melting, after all, it only came for one day. My beautiful bag hangs on and is eye catching decoration of the corridor. Tomorrow I will go with my Connemara on the bag into an ordinary – magic world.

What do you think about Ania’s pained bags? Do you like the canvas bags?

The pictures of Anna Rychert, all rights reserved.

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8 Comments Hand-painted canvas bags by Anna Rychert

  1. Irena 13 February 2021 at 16:24

    lubię nie tylko płócienne, uszyłam sobie ręcznie 2 torby z dźżnsów znalezionych obok śmietnika – niebieską w ciapki i brązową, a dużo wcześniej 2 z nastolnych podkładek/grubych serwetek – popielatą i żakardową, a taką piękną – z kotem – jaką Ty masz to oprawiłabym w ramki i powiesiła na ścianie

    1. Blue Tram 13 February 2021 at 16:32

      Twoje torby też są super, kojarzę te uszyte z materiałów. A ten obraz, który jest na mojej z radością będę nosić ze sobą, jako przenośną galerię. 🙂

    2. Anna 13 February 2021 at 18:05

      Dziękuję za komplement, ale mój pomysł malowanych toreb powstał połączenia dwóch potrzeb: dbania o środowisko i potrzeby kontaktu z pięknem, mówiąc górnolotnie. Do muzeów chodzą nieliczni, to co mamy w domu widzą tylko nasi znajomi, a torba może być z nami w każdym miejscu, dając radość właścicielce i przechodniom 🙂

  2. Sharon Watts 18 February 2021 at 16:51

    You have such wonderful and generous friends, and I always enjoy your sharing their hearts and art with us here! The black & white cat reminds me of my Mi-ro 🙂 I love the contest of his shape against the rainbow and children. How can passersby not smile when they see you coming with your canvas bag?

  3. Sharon Watts 18 February 2021 at 16:53

    oops, meant to type “contrast”, but maybe it is a contest as well! Which holds one’s attention longer? If your cats are your “fur-babies,” we know the answer 🙂

    1. Blue Tram 19 February 2021 at 11:40

      Thank you, Sharon! I also see you with your own particular canvas bag. 🙂 And, yes, I always smile when I meet on my way the person with funny picture on the bag or T-shirt, especially cats. I totally agree with you, and love the name “fur-babies”! 🙂

  4. Anna Rychert 22 February 2021 at 07:08

    I’m really, really happy you like one of the bags – the black and white cat was inspired by our grey and white cat Iskierka sleeping at the window. If you want to be able to walk in your area with a similar bag or would like to give a friend such a gift – let me know, please 🙂

  5. Sharon Watts 23 February 2021 at 17:31

    Hi Anna~ I will keep this thought in mind for the coming months! I love your cat’s name. And “fur-babies” is what we (some of us) call our cats and dogs over here 🙂


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