The day marked by notebooks

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This post is dedicated to Agnieszka

Yes, my life is made of little things. I like to discover them from graphite time when clouds and crows look to my window. So, sometimes I have the day marked of crispy bread, or, like last Friday,  marked by notebooks. Then I feel simple happiness. Although it is fragile, I do not want to bind it, because I know that somewhere, once again it will charm me with its small motion.

I could write with a pen, always, make notes, and draw on the plain, squares, or line pages. A lot of my blog posts were written in notebooks. So when I ran out of blank pages in almost all of my journals, I felt a serious lack. I told my friend Agnieszka about it, and she replied, by a bright coincidence, that she has a lot of good-quality notebooks and she would be happy to share them with me. I really jumped with joy because, during the lockdown in Galway, where stationery stores and bookshops are closed, it is not easy to find any notebooks. Esspecially preferable notebook, but from Polish city Łódź, that’s magic. 🙂


On one of the few sunny days, the ocean in Galway was almost azure. Agnieszka brought me with eight ordinary notebooks on its shore. When I got home and laid them out on my desk, I was delighted. Because so many blank pages and opportunities. And the covers seemed exactly for me. I also imagined that covers give me some signals.

The red one with the words Just start – called me to continue writing my book about Irish women, which I started three years ago. I have already done seven interviews on this project, and I feel now is the time to continue it and finally publish. I will write a little bit more about it, soon. Another cover, the black and white colour with New York on it – immediately became the next daily diary, and at the same time woke up the motivation to meet Sharon at Cafe Reggio. At last the cardboard, stained notebook under the counter is a nice shot from my childhood, when I loved to be part of queue in the local food store and listen diverse conversations. I didn’t catch them down. Perhaps now I can begin it in this notebook and write down fragments of talks, which sometimes are also like sparkles from life.

So much inspiration I have from the ordinary notebooks, but it exactly came from my friend Agnieszka. Maybe today we can discover some inspiration or we can give the wings to others.

Have a great day marked by… (please write in place of the dots what your day is marked with).

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