Do It Yourself – Australian birds in my kitchen

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My life is small things.

I placed my favourite spices in the little glass jars with special inscriptions: LOVE (MIŁOŚĆ in Polish) – for the orange saffron, SUN (SŁOŃCE in Polish) – for turmeric, MAGIC (CZAR in Polish) – for black sesame seeds, FOREST (LAS in Polish) – for flax seeds.

So, these little containers stayed for few years on the kitchen’s cabinet, and I have forgotten about the shelf which I wated to have for them. Then unexpectedly my husband came back from the store with a gift – spice rack. When I saw it, I was immediately inspired to paint something on its colour which reminded the Nile mist.

Already in my childhood I loved to transform various elements in the house. Once, I painted pipes in the bathroom with a blue poster paint to dissatisfaction my father. When I grew up, I repainted the damaged sideboard from the communism era. I covered it by light pink paint and decorated with colourful flower meadow. Oh, from now it was a spring in my room, every day.

Australian birds in my kitchen

I imagined the birds beetwem spcies. So, I dug out five acrylic colours,  three brushes and beads from a drawer that has not been opened for a long time.

I drew on the paper stencils of two birds and cut out it. There suit a slender bird on the side, so I wondered it maybe be a woodpecker. However, the beak I painted was rather duck’s beak. So I created duck-woodpecker.

Australia is a land that I imagine with birds of paradise. May some duck- woodpeckers fly there? The second bird – it is Australian Splendid Fairywren – of course in my imagination.

I drew by pencil the birds from the stencils on the front and on side of rack, and painted them black. When the paint dried, I brighted up the wings and beaks by colours, and I marked the eyes with a green water gutta.

In place of drilled holes in the shelf I pasted two wooden and violet beads. The spice rack stay on the cabinet, so I do not need to screw it. I painted the front strips black and decorated them with yellow dots. Such colours matched the corner in which it stood.

Whole work took me less than half an hour. It was even too short for me, because I like handicrafts.

Decorating small things is a great idea to awake creativity for adults and for children

Sometimes we can easily give expression to various corners of our apartment. Imagination and acrylic paints are enough, but you can also have beads, buttons, string, wire, water gutta.

Do you want to repaint something?

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4 Comments Do It Yourself – Australian birds in my kitchen

  1. Alodia1949 28 June 2020 at 13:14

    dzisiaj domalowałam lepszą Polskę – mam nadzieję, że lepszą

    1. Blue Tram 14 August 2020 at 20:48

      Myślę, że teraz szczególnie warto wziąć się za przemalowywanie! Ech…

  2. DIRNDL SKIRT 29 June 2020 at 18:27

    Charming! Right now my home projects tend to be big and messy and outdoors—I’m working on my front porch and also my back deck, so I have 2 big messes going on! I love the smaller ones like this, which are “waiting in the wings” 🙂

  3. blue tram 30 June 2020 at 12:57

    Thank you! I’m curious, what are you doing with your front porch, are you painting? 🙂


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