Ebb and flow

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This morning I got on my bike and went to the ocean. The water shone with blue and green in the distance, the hills on the second side seemed closer. I stood with my bike in dry seaweed stared at the naked rocks and islands. The elderly couple who also came to the beach went much further, soaking their sneakers in puddles. The ebb and flow of North Atlantic so visible in Galway have become parts of my life. Regular rising and falling is a phenomenon that affects many factors, like the position of the earth in relation to the sun. This is applies to each sea, but is not always visible.

The ebb

has melancholy and lack, but also an interesting space to explore. The beach stretches for kilometers and you can feel slimy seaweed under your sneakers instead of sand. At the tome of ebb, the children from primary school come to the shore, as part of the lesson they walk on exposed stones and collect shellfish in buckets. Adults also search rocks emerging from the water. You can then find oysters that have got used to living without water for a long time. Oysters are perfectly adapted to life outside the water for long periods. They are used to being outside at low tide twice a day.


is like wave of joy and the turquoise that spurts all the way to the even on the street. Wind and bold waves add vitality to us just from looking at it. No problem that the water eats the beaches entirely. Because we have a wall or rocks where we can sit and stare into the distance and at those who practice kitesurfing.

Our life is like ebb and flow

they are a natural part of the environment, and therefore of us. Sometimes we have plenty of everything, thoughts spread on the cozy grass and hit us with sunny balls, just for fun. Other times everything goes away in an instant moment, and we are left alone on a too wide route. Fear peeks into the eyes, seaweed scares us, the lack of the Azzure Coast irritates us, and tears erase beautiful makeup. However, this is the natural cycle, everything must float away, then make us happy again. If we just look at the emotion’s names, we will find mostly difficult feelings. But all our emotions are important equally, because they make our authenticity. Whatever we experience right now, we can sit or stand in the middle of it and just breathe. Yes, just breathe, that is also an important thing.

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