Autumn Socks – About Looking For A Home

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There is a graphite filter outside the window, but it is fresh air and not raining yet. I eat a yummy tart with the last strawberries. The smell of a cinnamon candle is in the kitchen, sunflower petals on the tablecloth, and autumn socks with hedgehogs, squirrels, leaves, and forest mushrooms on the sofa. I haven’t published anything on the blog for a long time, although I consistently write in my journal, if necessary, even at 5 am. But there are just scraps of feelings, fears, little joys, or gray clouds that cover the light, sometimes. Because in October, a time of change is hitting the blue door of my current port.

I don’t like moving, but there have been eleven moves in my life. How many boxes this time and where will we take them? After all, we still haven’t found a home. Where is home? What is a home for me? What home will be?

I sketch ocean
on the asphalt
there is an imprint of my appetite
sticks to waterproof sneakers
when I stop on slimy seaweed
their fragrance
becomes home
it is like wet sand
on beloved shoes
I am carrying it
everywhere I go

It’s starting to rain, but I have an idea to jump out in my autumn socks and catch this moment. Thank you to all who support me in this not easy time. Beautiful sounds of one of my favourite bands Yo La Tengo.

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