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The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper

W.B. Yeats

Three months ago I got an e-mail from Elena, volunteer’s manager of Galway2020 with a proposal to paticipate in unique voluntering at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania.

I read this letter with curiosity so many times but I summarized in my mind, that unfortunately, this amazing chance is not for me. I had a job which I don’t like and wanted to change. But I can’t have such a long holiday. Even my work has affectd me badly. However, the next day I looked at the message in a different way, and I discovered the opportunity for renewal in my life.

I was a volunteer in the culture and education field for twenty years. Four years ago I also became a Wave Maker of European Capital of Culture Galway 2020. So I decided to discover the hidden magic of my life, again. I sent my CV to the organizator of the International Volunteering Programme at Sibiu Theatre Festival. I got an answer very quickly that they had chosen me for this unique program. Two months later I left my job where I almost lost faith in myself.

This is how the adventure begins. It is also a return to myself. I am going to describe to you everything from my travel in the following chapters of this blog.

Thank for beeing with me. Yuppie! I go to Romania!

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  1. Ana 2 June 2019 at 21:32

    Good story, looking forward to reading more about your adventure.


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