First meeting with Romania

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Belive that a further shore is reachable from here

Seamus Heaney

When I landed in Bucharest was very late, so I was worring a bit how I will get to the city centre, where I had one night accommodation. But to my surprise the ticket office was still open (at 22pm) and I found a bus which took me to the centre of mysterious city. While the ride I was still thinking how I will find the apartment in the middle of the night. Meanwhile I met an angel – local girl, who has led me to my place. She also hugged me and gave warmly wishes, so much needed, when you are alone in foreign country.

Calea Victoriei

The building with my accommodation was handsome early modernism. The vintage elevator with blue and green stained glass took me to the 3rd floor. In the litlle studio time stoped at 30s’. I was happy to be in such a different world.

Next day I went for a morning walk through central Bucharest. The sun was brightening the streets and my curiosity.

I got my breakfast from mini take away coffee shop. In the next corner with the view of craft market I sat down by the table under the trees with locals, who had breakfast, too. The first time in my life I ate blacklike a charcoal bread. Inside the sandwich was also a pink yogurt. This quite big roll was completely not ordinary for me but really artistic.

Destination in Sibiu

On the afternoon I came back to the airport and met volunteers from different countries. We went together to Sibiu by bus which was organized especially for us by International Volunteering Programme.

The beautiful  Romania stretched out throught the windows. The mountains of Transinvania looked beautifully and very enigmatic. Some wild dogs on the gas station looked at as. The wild dogs are very popular in Romania and you can meet them by the roads all over the country but also in Bucharest.

Now I am in Sibiu – probably one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Each day I discover gorgeus details, and have around great people – locals but also volunteers from: Japan, Italy, Iran, China, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova, Poland, Ireland and Netherland.

We are preparing to work at Festivalu International de Teatru de la Sibiu 2019 / the Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

The things what I experience in Sibiu guide me every day also through my fears and uncertainty.

Belive that a further shore is reachable from here – whispers to me the Irish poet Seamus Heaney and I feel this trip is going to change me.

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