Felt Brooches like Temporary Tattoos

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Recently I made a brooch for a woman who loves airplanes. When I cut from felt the first plane in my life and sewed it with a purple thread on a black square, I remembered how much I like making and wearing brooches. Fall leaves, umbrellas, fat cats, birds, butterflies, vintage phones, doggies, and strawberries. Shapes took out from reality sprinkled with feelings and meetings.

I think a brooch is an awesome piece of clothing. It can emphasize your individuality as you wander in the crowd. For a long time, I wore in rainy Ireland, a strawberry pinned in, which is a synonym of summer, lightness, and smile to me. Your brooch can be a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day or an act of courage, sometimes.

A few years ago, I dared to stand with my handmade brooches on Grafton Street, in Dublin. It was a day full of songs because this walk is famous for that too. And I remember well that a girl from New Zealand bought from me a brooch with a yellow telephone.

Art of reality

I lately attached my felt brooches to a cotton ribbon and went to the river to take a picture of them. While tying the ribbon from tree to tree, against the background of a meadow, street, or buildings, I saw in my little art a combination of reality. I got the impression that I was flying away to some parallel world. But that was still the same world we live in.

The brooch you pinned to your denim jacket or shirt collar can be your temporary tattoo which you wear if you want to share a part of yourself, without any world, just through the simple picture: a plane, a strawberry, or favourite colours composition.

What do you think about brooches? Do you like to wear them?

*I can make a brooch on request 🙂

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