Let’s senses grow sharper for May

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The world is full of magic, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper

W.B. Yeats

I admit as poet W.B. Yeats wrote. Although sometimes I think that I would hide inside myself, and not to look anymore, or dream. However, life goes on and it does not care about my concepts, plans, and fears. It just wanders and catches my hand with it every day. It gives me flowers on the meadow, charms me with the warm rocks on which I can lie like a lizard with the emerald ocean around. It brings me happiness in the rays that appear only for a few minutes. Do you think May is such a month that reminds us of the magic of life?


Magda and Patryk – two of my friends visited Galway from another county. Even though we only met for a while and we were masked, it was a valuable meeting for me. Because these are the moments I miss the most in a pandemic. We went for a little walk. On the way, I showed them a photomontage about climate change and Patryk surprised me that he had already the lesson about it at school. They made banners, created slogans, and together with a teacher went to the town to protest peacefully. Yes, he already knows what a peaceful protest is, and I have learned about it pretty recently during the workshops: “Anger yes, violence no”, and also from the posts of my friend, who is a member of Extinction Polska.


May begins with the Celtic holiday Lá Bealtaine Beltane which means the beginning of May and brings the beginning of summer. So some people in Ireland celebrate dew, on the grass, blooming meadow, and flowers that they hang on the door. However, according to Irish mythology, it was mainly great fires that were lit on Beltane and gathered people around them. Reportedly, there were also many fairs then, and people looking for work came carrying symbols of their skill. I could bring my pen and notebook. And as a journalist, I would write the report. Today, many people still celebrate Beltane even in small things. I have noticed it only this year. I thought that maybe May wants to remind us that we can always start all over again.

photo by Jiayu Chan

Meanwhile, Magda and Patryk saw seals in the ocean. Although maybe not everything went according to their wishes, they took beautiful photos of their trip. Because life always brings to us what we do not expect, and its gives sometimes we do not like it in the first while. But we can discover their uniqueness and magic, later. We can sharpen our senses, as advised by the poet W.B. Yeats?

P.S. This post is dedicated to Magda and Patryk, who, without even knowing it, brought me a lot of sunshine. 😊

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2 Comments Let’s senses grow sharper for May

  1. Justyna 2 May 2021 at 23:22

    Oj tak Gosia, masz rację, życie przynosi nam to, czego się nie spodziewamy, nie chcemy, ale może się okazać, że to najlepsze, co nam się zdarza 🙂
    Pozdrawiamy wiosennie, majowo z Wrocławia

    1. Blue Tram 6 May 2021 at 17:14

      Justa, dziękuję! I ja Was pozdrawiam słonecznie! <3


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