Spanish breakfast – Pan con tomate

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In Galway, outside the window graphite clouds and wet asphalt. But in my kitchen, Spain is sitting at the table, because for several mornings I enjoy Pan con tomate.

When I was in Cadiz with my husband, we ate breakfast at Cafe on Calle Ancha, whose tables ran almost out into the glistening promenade. Because Cadiz is the city of the most beautiful light in the world.

In this Andalusian’s town, for the first time in my life I had tried Pan con tomate – a bagette with the fresh grated tomatoes. Yes, it is a typical Spanish breakfast, together with fresh orange juice, (the oranges can be found in Cadiz on the street), and coffee. There are several names of this popular snack in Spanin: pan con tomate or pan tumaca, and pa amb tomàquet in Catalan. And pan in Spanish means bread.

Simplicity, freshness and heavenly taste

The ingredients for a Spanish breakfast are very cheap and easy to find. Just to grate the tomatoes, or mix them in a blender, knead, and, as was customary in Catalonia, simply press a tomato cut in half into bread. Spaniards often eat grated tomatoes on toast or on a crispy baguette or on another roll. You can also make croutons with tomatoes in a pan. These tomatoes are also good with tapas.

It is not an idea of our century, because this tomato snack exists in Spain for a long time. When the Spanish Civil War was going on, people were rubbing a fresh tomato on stale bread to soften it. Today we can get grated tomatoes in almost every café or restaurant. Apparently, in some places in Catalonia, the customer is brought oil, tomatoes and garlic and has to prepare the dish himself. 😊

Meanwhile, I eat mixed tomatoes on spelled bread and sprinkle them with black cumin seeds. It is a good breakfast proposition for vegetarians and vegans. But not only that, because in Spain you often put Serrano ham or cheese on bread with tomatoes.

WARNING! Anyone who tried such tomatoes will fall in love. 😊 I know people who, after returning from Spain, are addicted to making tomato sandwiches for breakfast. And while I was working in the canteen, more than once I watched Spaniards crush cooked Irish tomatoes tomatoes on the toast.

Spanish breakfast recipe

Ingredients for two

3 ripe tomatoes

olive oil

baguette, toast or bread you like

a garlic (often added in Spain), basil leaf, and maybe black cumin seeds, if you prefer.

Scald the tomatoes with hot water, peel them from skin, mix with a blender, serve in a bowl, eat immediately.

Post scriptum

In Cadiz, I ate tomatoes not only for breakfast. I consumed them with Gasspacho, which is even available in the supermarket. And in the home restaurant Bohemia – located in a white blocks district, 5 minutes from the ocean, I ate a giant tomato salad with onions, olive oil and the popular vinegar produced in nearby Jerez – Vinagre de Jerez. As you can see in the picture below. 😊

Do you want to try Spanish Breakfast this autumn?

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