Blessing from the fresh market

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“We fall when our life stop to be a daily surprise”


To my grannie Agnieszka

When I was in Sibiu, Romania much time I discovered something which reminded me of my childhood. I was wondering how it is possible in the city and country where I am the first time. The fresh market situated in Lower Town gave me the answer.


I went to the bazaar on a summer day. Together with my friend Kaja we wanted to talk with locals about what they think about the famous theatre festival which had happened in their city for twenty-six years. Kaja speaks the Romanian language, so she helped me to collect the voices from the inhabitants, mostly older people who usually do not know English. It turned out that they work on the fresh market every day, and they do not have enough time to participate in the events. But most locals like what their city celebrates. Because then the city seems simply happy.

Maybe if somebody will take me by helicopter I would like to see some performance.

said lady in the bonny apron.

But after while she added:

I can see many tourists visiting our bazaar, but they usually take lots of photos and make movies, but not buy anything. 

This is an important message from the local person. Because it is always worth supporting the local fairs. So, we can remember it during our travels.

photo by Magu Sumita

The fresh market is a good chance to live truly, not only observe unique moments

I kept this reflection in my mind and I used to come back to the bazaar for the next few days. I was choosing the juicy cherries, summery apricots, fresh chili, and the bread straight from the oven. One time I found the mountain of wild strawberries. It was a delicious pleasure because the last time I ate them in my childhood. The nice woman gave me a decent portion with a smile and said: – Bucura-te de masa ta! / Enjoy!/ They were organic, sweet, with the fragrance of the forest, and also very cheap. 

photo by Malgosia Doczyk
photo by Magu Sumita

My grannie

The old lady who had a little stall with various flower bouquets caught my attention. Because she has reminded me of my grandma Agnieszka, who had a big field of pink daisies in our garden. My grannie used to sit on a yellow bench at the wooden table and sang songs in the while when she was making small bouquets from daises, lilies, pansies. She used to sell them at the small fresh market the other day or straight from the street of Warsaw, Poland.

I used to pick up my grandma from the railway station and I always took her big boxes on my bike. Once I landed with cartons and my bike in a small ditch. It was a really funny situation which I remember until today. It makes me smile, always.

Wandering around stalls I could feel like I do shopping in my own city, in the right place, with simple pleasure. At the entrance to the bazaar, there was a small bar with simple food and drinks. Zero vegetarian meals. But anyway, I sat down with the gypsy woman and ate yummy fries. Everyone around ate together at the plastic tables covered with dot tablecloths. I felt really familiarly, actually better than in an elegant restaurant. At this authentic place, we all were neighbors from the same world.

photo by Magu Sumita
photo by Magu Sumita
photo by Magu Sumita

Magu Sumita – a great photographer and my friend from Japan made very realistic photos from this market, where life goes without poses. They illustrate this article.

Do you like the fresh markets? What do you buy there, usually?

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2 Comments Blessing from the fresh market

  1. Alodia1949 29 July 2019 at 17:19

    szkoda, że turyści nie wspierają lokalnego handlu, a powinni

  2. blue tram 29 July 2019 at 19:22

    Może zaczną wreszcie :-), bo szkoda, żeby takie piękne bazary znikały. Ten w Sybinie póki co ma się całkiem dobrze, z tego co widziałam. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!


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