Cards and letters – a great way to connect

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Outside the window is a November grey, cars move along the wet street, but their noise reminds me of the sound of the sea. The flame of a cinnamon candle lights up my kitchen, where I write letters to residents of nursing homes.

Regarding the tighten of pandemic restrictions and again lockdown in Ireland and in some other countries, residents of nursing homes, particularly at these times, are quite isolated from the rest of the community. That is why the Irish Post has introduced free parcels to care facilities. In this situation, the Wave Makers of Galway 2020 decided to write letters and cards to people who live in nursing homes. This is a great way to be in contact with those who very need it. And also for volunteers, this is a significant time of help to the community. Great cards with colourful Connemara hills and a strip of the sea had designed by Joan Finnegan.

In memory of Mary

I do not know if it is a coincidence or a twist of fate, but I randomly selected the address of a nursing home where my friend used to stay. Mary died last year, but I have the feeling that she still smiles up at me from heaven. I remember our first meeting when I came to the meditation and I was very shy, because there were only Irish women in the group. Then Mary handed me a letter which I opened at home. It was a message full of sunshine. I keep it in my drawer till today.

Present moment

Teresa, Elizabeth, Charles, Bernadine, Bridge – I think about them now and write words that allow me to stop in the real moment and focus on good feelings. Because despite the dilemmas, there are many of them. I sit on my sofa at the folding table. I turn off virtual mirages. Writing the letter reminds me that uncertainty does not have to be overwhelming. Warm coffee, apple pie, a cat peeking from his chair. This is my haven that I want to share.

Later I put on my mask made of African fabric that fashion designer Virtue gave me. I open the blue door and carry those cards in red envelopes to the green post box on my street. November leaves accompany me everywhere. The puddle on the post box is like a mirror made of rain. Tuesday can look at itself. Mom – the rain stopped – says the little boy cheerfully, jumping out of the post office. Somebody in a rustic cap smiled. I put the letters in a beautiful grassy colour post box. I let them fly! The letters and cards are signals of goodness, and they are a great way to connect. Even if we do not know each other.

Do you write letters? Maybe it is a good time to start? I think, the time of pandemic seems perfect for paper correspondence.

Let me know what do you think about this project? Or maybe in your country there are other interesting ideas of help. Please share it in the comments.

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5 Comments Cards and letters – a great way to connect

  1. Jennifer 7 November 2020 at 16:52

    How a gorgeous idea! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Blue Tram 9 November 2020 at 14:04

    I got a message from my friend who is a teacher, that this project inspired her. And, now, the children from her school in a small will start to write letters to people from nursing homes, as well. I glad that this idea is going forward!!!

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