Leaves and banners fly, and I put turquoise on my eyelids

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The second wave of the epidemic came in autumn. Atlantic in Galway has been pouring from the sky for several days and the roar of the wind wakes up me at night. But the cry of revolution from Poland is louder than the stormy sea and it echoes in my heart.

Thinking mixes with emotions, fear with freedom, leaves, and banners fly, and I paint my eyelids turquoise.

Eyeliner in the colour of the Coast of Azure arrived from Justa from Wrocław. The shipment in a beautiful envelope with the big eyes of an owl peeking from the stamp. It had the strength to stopped the rumble in my mind. The same day, my cat came back from the vet full of energy, because is healthy, just a little overweight. The doctor went to collect him under a huge umbrella, and the rain almost poured into the car. R. wrote on her wall that she feels not well and needed a rest, so, she did not go to the demo. After all, she has been protesting for months. I worry about her because I want her to be healthy and happy.

Mustard leaves, banners, hashtags, a collection of items for children from psychiatric departments, vegetarian lasagne, warm coffee, piece of the mat to set on the street. A rain mask of volunteers and my friend who walks home in this downpour. And the same time my another close woman who inhales the forest with her lungs recovered from Covid-19. All this is with me in a small room. I do not know how it is possible so many worlds can fit in twelve meters room. But, it does, no one has to elbow. We are all together in the space we share.

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