How does a bicycle give me wings in everyday life?

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I cannot imagine my life without a bike. Ever since I can remember, the bicycle has always motivated me to the adventure. Even if I was riding to the store on the same street.

I have already had four bikes in my life: a blue Pelican, a red Turing, a dark pink Dutch who moved with me from Wrocław, and a blue Ammaco, also a classic in the Dutch style. The last one is a vehicle of my dreams. Long time ago I wrote a poem about a blue bicycle made from clouds. Years later, in a bicycle shop in Galway, I found the bike I imagined. Sky colour, with a brown wide saddle and a brown basket.

Today, after five years, my azure vehicle has rusty screws, but I still feel a thrill when I set off on it into the local world.

On the bike, I always feel like wings are growing on my shoulders. Even if it was not great before, and I did not feel well to leave home. By the time I get on my bike, I regain my motivation to explore ordinary details along the way. My bicycle takes me away from the sadness and gives me simple happiness.

When I ride on the blue vehicle I feel free and independent. I can avoid traffic, choose interesting paths, catch moments which I have, observe the local world. Reaching somewhere higher and more pleasant road. Breathe deeply. Even, now, I often pass the city centre in the mask, it does not take away my passion.

From a bicycle, the city sometimes looks like a fairy tale world, especially when I pass the stone bridge into the center. And can see the Corrib river which runs to the ocean.

Shopping by bike

As a little girl, I was riding my bike for shopping, even though my shop was on the same street. Now I do the same. I like to get on my bike and put my shoping in the basket. Because then it is always a special journey for me. Of course it is impossible to put everything into the basket, but that way I do not buy unnecessary things in the store.

Cycling during the time of pandemic

My mind is always refreshed on a bicycle. The blood begins to circulate faster and I regain my faith more than once. Especially now, in the lockdown we have in Ireland, it gives a feeling of normality. Bicycle can turn sadness into contemplation of moments. Bring faith back to life. Because, when you observe your local world closely, you will see other people in it.

On the first day of October lockdown, I went on a bicycle to the ocean. The cafes had no gardens out, and people drank coffee on the walls. The group of children were returning from the Atlantic shore with buckets full of oysters. Someone was walking with a turistic mug of coffee, and someone else was talking on the phone. The sun warmed all of us. From the bike I could see these small details and enjoy them. Also the fact that I have a beautiful bike and can cycling. 🙂

Of course, there are difficult moments on the bike, for example when it rains or when you have to ride uphill. But also at such moments I feel connected strongly with my bicycle. I ride my bike all year round and I can not imagine giving up this simple pleasure.


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