Very close from here

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Who knows where it is:

the constant dogs, auroras, and wild gardens?

It is very, very, very close from here

It is there, where losing, no one wins

There is the lake and the peak in parallel

and I dance, I swim over, to the void - for nothing.

-sings Mela Koteluk.

After overdosing on my thoughts in front of the computer, after fears of getting out from the house, after taking my future prisoners. The day finally comes and I open a dusty box of CDs.

Mela Koteluk’s Snapshot /Migawka/ makes me feel as light as an autumn leaf fluttering down onto the grass along the bank of the Corrib river. In the while when I and Bia drink coffee from Matt.

The certainty of tomorrow does not answer.

It has reject our calls for years

So now we do not want to know anything else.

Recently, I broke my tooth, then I thought: this is how it is, things happen all the time. That’s it. Three houses next to me, people get Covid-19 tests. Meanwhile October in Connemara is in écru colour. I wonder together with a fluffy caterpillar through the grass in Maam Valley. I observe it beauty closely and I can see turquoise.

I want to notify the appropriate guards

that I threaten to disappear suddenly.

Can anywone hear or may have heard it?

Is somebody here really awake?

I use in this post the fragments of songs by mela Koteluk from the record Migawka / Snapshot: 1. “Tańczę, przepływam”, 2. “Ogniwo”, 3. “Hen, hen”.

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