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Everyday Poetry

The morning coffee smells like orange trees in the Doña Elvira square in Seville, although it is mystical gray outside the window. I am sitting on the sofa as on a small tiled bench. Instead of the sounds of water in the fountain, I hear the washing machine. Notebook based on corduroy legs. I can’t turn off poetry because it is my life.

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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

For women who doubt the worth and power of their story

detication from the book

Today, I can present you with prose that is like a multidimensional journey. “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart “ – is Holly Ringland’s debut novel. 415 pages that I read almost in one breath, over exactly two afternoons.

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The light of Paul Cézanne

He is a painter, his job is to paint. For himself, for painting, because that is his vocation, because he would not be able to not transform what he sees into the painting works.

– wrote Henri Perruchot in the book “Cézanne”.

This is one of my favourite publications. It made me want to go to Aix-de-Provence, a small town in France, where a boy was born, who at the age of five scribbled with charcoal on the walls of what surrounding him, and people were surprised how realistic it was.

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Poetry in time of pandemic

In the Galway University Hospital framed POEMS hanging for years.

Once, when we went to the Emergency Department with my husband, we were sitting in this waiting room with poetry around. And I remember that this little help of poems broke away us from the tension of fears.

At the moment we could cross the borders without moving.

So I strongly believe, that POETRY can be caring for us during a pandemic.

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Humanitas – one of my favorite place in Sibiu

I bring you with reverent hands

The books of my numberless dreams.

W.B. Yeats

There is charming bookshop in Sibiu – HUMANITAS.

It is a very local place but also international. You can find there thousands of books, even in the sinks in the bathroom. People come here to take a moment for themselves, to read a book , to write something, to dream, or have a chat with somebody, who sits at the next table, and have a really good coffee.

In the basment, which has brick walls and arches is a sizeable space for coffee shop among bookshelves.

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