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The morning coffee smells like orange trees in the Doña Elvira square in Seville, although it is mystical gray outside the window. I am sitting on the sofa as on a small tiled bench. Instead of the sounds of water in the fountain, I hear the washing machine. Notebook based on corduroy legs. I can’t turn off poetry because it is my life.

Since childhood, I have been writing down notebooks with my feelings. When I was a teenager, someone asked me who I wanted to be in my adult life. I replied that I would like to be a poet. But who is a poet? Is it someone who suddenly jumps out of the train into a landscape that fascinated him?

For me, poetry is like wandering between everyday coffee and the square of freedom. Personally, I do not have to go anywhere to travel. Although I like going outside the local world. Recently, I visited Utrecht, the Netherlands, thanks to a postcard with a face-shaped map. A green bicycle, a gramophone and books were made for me by Paulien who maybe is a poet, I have no idea if she writes.

My poetry book “Sketches from wanderings”

With one blink I move to Cafe Rozrusznik in Wrocław, where on January 24, 2014, the premiere of my first book of poetry, “Szkice z wędrowania” (“Sketches from wanderings”) took place. Many people came to my author’s evening, and the cozy cafe was bursting at the seams. The main window was covered with a screen on which allegorical images made by Portuguese artist Pedro Ferreira appeared. I read my poems sitting on a bar stool with Derme band performance (Łukasz Zgrzebski, Piotr Brzezicki, Pedro Ferreira). Ah, it was atmospheric. Even, a single poem was sung by a Barista and musician to the rhythm of a spontaneous guitar. I never expected this poem can be a song.

Performance in Cafe Rozrusznik, photo by Magdalena Placek
Poetry book "Szkice z wędrowania" / “Sketches from wanderings”
My poetry book with the illustration by Ewa Walter

In couple months I have packed the red boots from the cover of book, and they are now live on the other side of the sea in Galway, Ireland. There Liza Bolton filmed my next poems and those of Trevor Conway. Oscar Wilde blessed us and we flew to the cameral literary festival “White Locomotive”, to which we were invited by the its author and also poet Daria Danuta Lisiecka.

Film by Liza Bolton, where I read my poetry in local area.

My next coffee is a bit cold but it is endless like the Atlantic. The envelope with the Tavira stamp is still on the shelf. I feel sorry to throw it away, because this was the first shipment from the country of Fernando Pessoa. From it I took out The Anthology of Polish-Portuguese poetry sent to me by Katarina Lavmel. Katarina likes to build the literary bridges. She invites other poets from various lands to participate in her projects.

Through her actions, she motivates to keep poetry as a valuable part of life and to treat it also as a meeting place with others. The Poetry Group “Hurtownia” / Poetry Wholesaler made by Justyna Paluch is also a space for a meeting of diverse poets that I use to participate in, and I miss it. For a few years in Galway, Liza, Trevor, and I had our own literary space: Moonroe’s Writing Group. Sometimes we still meet online. Poetry happens every day. I feel that the time has come for another book of poems. Blue flamenco shoes from Cadiz are already kicking the beat.

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  1. Justa 22 March 2021 at 00:51

    Beautiful memories come back Gosia, thank you 🙂

    1. Blue Tram 22 March 2021 at 09:41

      Oh, yes! I hope they still can continue in another way 🙂


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