Galway after sunrise #1

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This city wear jeans and spreads poems in culs-de-sacs. Here time is like the ocean, patiently shining between my fingers.

Twelve years ago I met a city inlet of the Atlantic, full of shimmering colours, sincere tolerance, songs flowing to the heart – and the loud cries of seagulls. Then I thought that I would like to live here someday. After some years, the fleeting vision turned into reality. I have lived in Galway for seven years.

In the new chapter on my blog, I would like to show you some special things of Galway.

Even in the hard time of a pandemic, I still see magic

When I wake up, I go on my bike to meet my city. I roam the silent streets, and the houses still smile in colours. Closed doors also have various hues and some window bars are quite fancy. Over the streets the little flags still wave: Let’s celebrate the European Capital of Culture Galway 2020, which is currently Galway. Many events have been cancelled, unfortunately, but Wave Makers volunteers – have not lost their hope. They meet online and believe that everything will change. Some workshops are available online, like InterAction –  A Digital Theatre Programme.

Quay Street, Galway


When I turn onto Abbeygate Street, a giant seagull flies over my head with the speed of plane. I see fresh prey in long beaks. It looks like a mouse wrapped in moss. Seagulls are inseparable residents in my city, their loud crying always reminds me that the ocean is nearby.


At the corner of Cross Street and Quay Street, where there was always so many people, I notice rabbit, who stands in the gutter of the yellow-blue Tigh Neachtain pub. He stares through binoculars on the City Centre, when people walk slower.

Eire Square


Just two months ago, when I would stop on the busy road down the docks to take a picture cars would be hailing at me. Now, I can wait on the middle of the street for the right moment. So I’m waiting together with the ship, which has a beautiful red side. Smaller boats remind me that I will sail out to sea, again. The sun sits on my back, and in the distance there is a painting of blue and green.

Eire Square

The copper-coloured sails remain in the middle of the fountain. This is a piece of modern art in honour of the Galway Hooker, a traditional fishing boat unique to Galway. Beside the sails, a girl is skipping a rope, I can hear the sound bouncing off the square. Someone else stops to contemplate this moment as well. The empty buses glisten white against the backdrop of O’Connell’s pub, loved by locals. The wings painted on the entrance gate have disappeared.

I will look for them.

Port in Galway
on the corner Cross St. and Quay St.
Cead Mile Failte po irlandzku WITAMY TYSIĄCKROTNIE!

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  1. DIRNDL SKIRT 10 May 2020 at 13:40

    This is such a charming intro (for me) to your adopted city! I hope you find those missing painted wings.

  2. instaphotojo 20 May 2020 at 01:00

    Nice! Check out my new blog and follow 🙂


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