Holiday postcard from County Clare

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For the summer escapade we went three times to County Clare which stretches on the south from Galway. We have discovered the Burren dominated by glaciated karst, bright spaces but also caves, mysterious archaeological traces, cliffs of all sizes, magical greenness and colourful cottages.

Lots of things to explore

The Wild Atlantic Way runs on the south of likable fishing village Kinvara and reminds the one on the Cote d’Azur. A narrow road waves from the rocks and from the sea, up and down, and dancing grasses smooth the edge of our car.

This is Ireland. Although no sheep but cows on the pastures. The Burren plateau of north-west County which spans over 150 square miles, is the finest example of a limestone kart landscape in Ireland and it ends at the Cliffs of Moher – huge green and rocky cliffs, one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations. However, there are many cliffs in County Clare, and you can also admire them off the beaten track, for example between Doolin and Fanore. Sit alone on rock blocks and dream.

This region is also famous for magical flora and fauna.


We park the car by a pasture’s gate and jump over the low wall made from the nearest pieces of rocks. Oh, but there are sheep here, beige as milk tea. We climb and I feel a bit like in the Tatra Mountains.

The flowers in chili peppers colour grow on the rocks. On the way we jump again over the stone wall – there are plenty of them. I see the ruins have been someone’s house. I wonder if even in the 16th century the space around us was similar to now. There is an almost vertical wall ahead of us, with a mysterious stone mound and a flat bush spread out like a fan on its top. We sit down on the protruding block, actually, we stretch on it like on the mattress. Under our heads, we have a giant rock instead pillow, and our feet land on soft moss. On the horizon, the sun is going inside the Atlantic and we can see far away transparent outlines of Galway with the distant hills of Connemara. When we look down, we can see white houses in the nearest village of Fanore.


We are running along the road covered with greenery. Some country roads in Ireland are almost like paths, only one car will fit on them. We get such a path and we squeeze between the hedges. It seems we will meet an elf here. 😊  After 65 kilometres, we stop for coffee in Ennis – the capital of County Clare. This town shoul not be missed. It is a very winsome place with so many Cafes with tables set on the small squares. I will certainly describe Ennis more in the future post.

Full of colours and happy with the coffee we continue our journey.

Spanish Point

The Spanish armada crashed here on shores years ago, hence the name of today small resort Spanish Point. When we get there, the ocean bright blue on the whole horizon. A sandy beach and grassy cliffs to climb wait. We found the hill only for ourselves. From there, we see the Atlantic roll over huge waves and crash them against cliffs and beach. I have ever seen such a frothy surf. The smell of grass and sea casts charms us. We feel happy, have sandwiches and cherry pie, nothing else is needed.

I recommend you this beautiful place and the whole County Clare, where you will experience magical.

Did you discover any interesting place during the latest trips?

in Ennis

All photos by Maciek Doczyk. All right are reserved.

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  1. DIRNDL SKIRT 25 July 2020 at 20:00

    Another destination of charm, written about WITH charm! I enjoyed this.

  2. blue tram 26 July 2020 at 17:14

    Thank you, Sharon! I glad a lot that you found the charm in it. 🙂


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