Homely Gdansk

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Smells of pink tulips when we eat breakfast with the door open. Triangles with cheese, vanilla tea, and crunchy flakes do not miss the attention of a black-and-white cat. Colorful hammocks rock us on the porch, and we look at soap bubbles as if it is magic. A badminton shuttlecock flies across the blue sky from me to you. And storks dance over a field of bright yellow rapeseed.

Children on Sobieszewo Island have only five minutes from school to the beach. And we just have two days to enjoy the meeting. And we’re doing great. Because in Gdańsk it’s a bit like on vacation. The sea throws ashore a tiny piece of amber that you put in your bag to hold memories for us.

While we eat ice cream from “Stupid Cow”, a pirate ship passes by the Motława River. Then, from Ołowianka Island, a drawbridge leads us straight to the quiet streets, where we discover a meadow and a cozy district to live in. On the one of green squares, there is a trace of the monk Canaparius, who was the first to write down the name of Gdansk in his notes.

When Monday comes, in cafe-club Jozef K an old clock keeps the window open, but instead of the sound of measuring time, we hear the rain. Before the coffee gets cold, we will hit the road again on tiny umbrellas to meet you again and brighten the days.

And honestly, it’s been kind of nice
And I’m glad
That you stuck around for a while
Yeah, I hope
You know I’ll always be here


Tell me what you’re thinking
With nothing to fear
I’ll be happy to hear that you’re well


from the song Between the same lines by @tinyumbrellas which makes me happy since I listen to it. Thanks so much our lovely family for such a great time!

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