Skateboarding and the ginger horizon

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Feelings are roads, with different colours and surfaces. In New Year, I arrive on a skateboard. A ginger horizon stretches before me. Colours are signposts, although they keep changing, I like to follow them.


My skateboard it is turquoise colour and it has been a positive detail in my life. Just like the blue ocean it makes me happy and motivates me to go outside. When I was a teenager, I used to skate around the city, which we drew with chalk on my home street. Then I dreamed of a professional skateboard for over a dozen years. And now, when I am over 40, this desire has become a reality. I thought that at this age to keep my balance will be difficult, but I found that skateboarding is a sport for me. You can skate on a skateboard regardless of age – as professional instructors say.


Since I started skateboarding, I can see a ginger horizon in front of me. Ginger and orange are my favourite colours, which remind me of wandering in Connemara, in a satin scarf. They are fragrant oranges from Lisbon, and the rustling leaves that I always love to jump into. A skateboard is like a ginger colour and a great way to get your whole body moving.

When the day is grey and it is too cold to sit down by the river. Then I take my skateboard along. In the university park, I can find plenty of smooth surfaces, with small hills that I would not have noticed when I walk. This is a challenge for me, anyway. I put front leg along, push off, and put the other leg perpendicular. Then I have to put the front leg perpendicular too, that’s a challenge again. When I lean back a little and I tilt to the right side of the base, I turn right. It was the feat of my second lesson.

Tuscan sun

My favourite shade of yellow hugs me when I doubt. The skateboard is also such a sun because it makes me face my fears. And it shows me that sometimes I can overcome my fears very quickly. Before I stood on the skateboard, I thought that maintaining balance would be more difficult. To my surprise, I mastered it after a few minutes.

On a skateboard I have to be very focused, sometimes even like a fakir. So this works not only for the muscles of my legs but also for my concentration. It also improve my reflexes, when I ride into small pebbles, I have to react in order not to fall over.

Skateboarding is a changing process and teach me a patience. My phisical fitness evolve, but also the imaginations in my haed chnage and I can understand better physics laws. It seemed to me that I would just move smoothly forward by Eglinton Canal in Galway, but suddenly it turns out that I would also like to learn Ollie – the basic trick to jump on a skateboard while going forward. And I want to get off the hilly San Francisco street with Alexis Sablone, one day. Do I think about Boardslide – on the wall or handrail? I am laughing at it loudly so far. 😊

With this short blog’s post, I would like to encourage you to dare your own desires and not to worry much how old you are. If some feeling live inside you, and want to go out. Let it go to the light. Do it. Be yourself. Revive your dreams, regardless of age.

Do you have some dreams from childhood that you think to reanimate?

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2 Comments Skateboarding and the ginger horizon

  1. Sharon Watts 3 January 2021 at 14:48

    I absolutely love everything about what you share here, and how you share it with such poetic humor and grit! My 2021 desire/challenge is to learn how to tap-dance (at least a little). I had one of the first skateboards when I was young, very flat with no flexibility, just a board and wheels. It was red. No one wore helmets (are you kidding! It was the 1960s!) and my street had a steep slope. That’s all I did, go down that street, then climb back up. None of the daring feats and flips and jumps that kids do now. And that you’ll be doing soon! Brava!!

    1. Blue Tram 3 January 2021 at 21:36

      Thank you, Sharon!!! O, yeah.., my first skateboard was, with wheels that didn’t slide. Your tap dancing seems great. I can imagine you in this. I tried a little tap dance in flamenco, you remined me of that. Let’s go forward with passion!


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