Strawberry Breakfast – Take Your Time

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Transparent rain outside the window. Early in the morning, I bustle with the light from the blue chandelier. Coffee ground into the sand of July tastes like simplicity. I eat strawberries with yogurt, honey, oat bran, black sesame, and almond flakes.

Finally, I have discovered my breath for a long time. The arteries clogged with black thoughts for weeks and with the conviction that I have to be hurry to get something. But when I really stop, they unclog. Life gurgles with water in the kettle, it blinks the juicy green of parsley on the windowsill, it smells like six stalks of lavender on the table, it hums with cars slipping through a puddle in the street, and it tastes a goat cheese and beetroot sandwich (from Matt) if I want.

Four swans, two white and two gray glides along with the navy blue surface of the river. – What beautiful velvet necks they have – my friend Máire observes while we sit on a bench on the bank of Corrib and enjoy meeting after a year and a half of not seeing because of the lockdown. When I notice my breath, a small and very important detail I start to feel good. The rain washes the anxieties and they are no longer pitch black and sticky, but they are of different shades and consistency.

Slow breakfast for a summer

-creamy natural yogurt

– a spoon of bran

-a spoon of oats


-almonds flakes

-black sesame seeds

-fresh strawberries

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2 Comments Strawberry Breakfast – Take Your Time

  1. Paulien den Bode 30 July 2021 at 11:46

    Hi Malgosia, this breakfast blog is beautiful written, poetic words. Great to read while I enjoy my coffee in my appartment in Utrecht. Thank you.


    1. Blue Tram 30 July 2021 at 14:55

      Thank you, Paulien! I am glad you enjoyed this little piece of my morning with your coffee. This is a nice connection between Galway and Utrecht.


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