The Scent of Apricots in Wrocław

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Can I get oranges?
-Madame, now is the season for apricots and cherries. In Spain, oranges are not harvested until September. At the moment you will only find old oranges.
-Ok, so then I would like apricots. They have an orange hue, too.

The orange color turns on the movie projector. I am in the Gorce Mountains, the grass reaches my waist. I am wearing wide orange pants, my father’s old beige trousers, which I have dyed in a huge pot.

25 years ago, I walk through Wrocław with Ewa and Martyna. The main square is summery, multi-colored tenement houses, buzzing on the cobblestones. I carry apricots in a basket, and I am wearing wide tangerine trousers that I bought in Galway because they reminded me of those from years ago.

Piaskowy Bridge, Wroclaw, Poland

Daliowa Island is home to wildflowers, lavender, chamomile, and pink tall mallow. Next to it, a phenomenal sculpture climbs up, consisting of arches – mirrors. It was designed by local architect Oskar Zięta. Arcades are made from polished steel, reflecting the surroundings and people who come to see this art.

Daliowa Island, Wroclaw
The main entrance to Aula Leopoldina, Wrocalw

On Sunday noon, we are sitting in Kawalerka Cafe. Ewa, Martyna, Justa, Marta, Oliwka, and myself. The past is mixed with the present in the best coffee. We write and even draw poems. Cherries, blueberries, and mint on July fluffy cake. I am wearing my private symbol of joy – orange pants.

Szewska Street, Wroclaw
Justa from Bobreczki blog, Kawalerka Cafe

It was a wonderful weekend in my beloved city, spontaneous, intense, fresh like apricots, the scent of which will henceforth dissolve fears. I felt good to hug friends, my sister, and my lovely niece and re-believe that longing is always the right direction.

Photography session in orange trousers made by Ewa and Martyna. Apricots in the basket from Hala Targowa, Wroclaw.

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