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May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back.

Irish proverb

Summer in Ireland has 14 degrees, and rain is usually on hand. However, there is some unusual feature of this country that always makes me feel that I am on the way. Because when I discover new beaches, various types of flowers and grasses, and visit fishing villages like Kinvara, I experience the magic and the weather does not determine it.

Dark pink Foxglove and Blue-Eyed Grass bloom at the N67. In the village of Ballinderreen, the benches are painted cobalt and yellow butterflies stuck to them. A group of volunteers actively cares for bees by planting wildflowers. They also created a fruit orchard and a sensory garden. I made a postcard about biodiversity in Ireland and sent it to a competition that has organized by The Wild Postcard Project.

We arrive at Kinvara – “the head of the sea” in Irish. The sky mixes navy, gray, and white, and boats are drifting in the port against the background of colorful houses. There are tables outside in front of the FOX’s of Kinvara restaurant, and the owner has a flowery dress and serves an aromatic lunch. Musicians sit on the windowsill and pluck the strings. Somebody contemplate timid raindrops in a red cup.

Walk smoots anexiety

We take short Americano and head to Traught Beach, 15 minutes away. There, instead of beige sand is gray gravel. The deeply navy blue Atlantic without any admixture of turquoise splashes onto the edge of the jellyfish. We almost judgment it is not a very nice beach until we saw a field of sunny flowers right next to it. And when we move along the shore, we discover interesting turrets, made of small flat stones, which do not fall over despite the wind.

photos by Maciek Doczyk

I thought maybe the pebbles were stuck, but they were not. A walk along the shore soothes any anxiety. I remember it every time I am at the seaside and I am glad to live nearby. In addition, I collected shells and tiny pebbles, which I want to stick on the next postcards. I gonna create dry stone walls, but the flamingo pink shell can be a nice dress.

photo by Maciek Doczyk

Why do I write about it? So, that you can enjoy your way, the long one, but also the everyday paths, maybe through the park or the square near your house. Magic can hide everywhere. Check it out.

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