What lifts you?

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I found this question on the wall on the one of main square in Galway when I was sitting in the bus. I took the photo and after month, suddenly, this pictures makes me wonder: what lifts me in my life, in ordinary days?

I fall down often but have to say that always is something or someone who gives me a glue to repair my wings, so then I can start to belive again I can fly .

Below I put the list of things which lift me. Maybe you will find something in your reality which makes your life truly beautiful in ordinary way.


Sometimes one stroke of memory refresh me and then I can see that I had courage to make so many things in my life, so why I can’t try to make something again. The facts scream clearly that I can. 😊


Unawares I recognized that autumn lifts me in my life even by stereotypes we call her: cloudy season. But with her incredible ruddiness and gold leaves, fluttering colourful scarves, which we wrap ourselves around October, with mystical fog of Connemara, candles on the table, and path by the river which call me for a walk, autumn lifts me.


I love flounder in the rustling leaves, and any walk even by the city gives me space for positive thinking. I can discover details, which appear suddenly from the cornerr or they wait for us in the store with vinyl records.


I go to work by double decker bus, the journey takes sometimes over 30 minutes, but I am really happy to go by this bus. The first thing, I can sit on the top, where I have good view. The second: this is the moment when I am relax, and I can observe the world by the window shamelessly like a child and discover the details on the ordinary road day by day.


My blue bike always lifts me up. Even I just have a look at it when I pass by in the corridor. But when I get ride to the city, I feel that I am alive. Yeah! I wrote the bicycle can support us when we are struggling with depression.


Och, yes people lift me so often in the life, by little things. Even I wander in the clouds with the bad mood they always they take me over. Big thanks for YOU Folks!

So in the simple way I discovered that I don’t need to wait for a right moment or for big miracle, because it seems that very small things usually lift me and I can fly again and again and later once more…

What lifts you?

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