Amor y Amistad

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The weekend started with friends. Opening by an Italian coffee with Aga on a happy Woodquay Street. And the evening with Bia and Jack who brought us a plant straight from Brazil.

September Saturday woke up in the sun mixed with a strong blue and it did not look like the beginning of autumn, but rather the culmination of summer. So we rushed to the coral beach – Trá an Dóilín pretty close to Galway with Catalina. We spread the blanket over the dried algae that cover the surface instead of the sand and dipped our hands in beige, white, and light pink micro pebbles. Then the skin on our hands was getting smoother.

photo by Maciek Doczyk

We ate almond cake at the picturesque hills around and two red cows. A scenery fabulously designed by a straightforward nature. The sky above us was a Persian blue, and individual fluffy clouds looked as if they were painted with crayons by a child. Catalina got the message that her country, Colombia is celebrating Dia del Amor y Amistad – A Day of Love and Friendship. It is a holiday instead of Valentine’s Day, but it also emphasizes friendship.

photos by Maciek Doczyk

I have never wondered too much, is it possible to call someone a friend, or what is friendship at all? Because sunny people have been with my life since kindergarten. Is it some kind of extraordinary happiness? Or maybe my natural curiosity about another human being? I have no idea. But I am always freshly glad for every meeting. Whether we see each other often or rarely. I celebrate the moment we are together.

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  1. Catalina 18 September 2022 at 20:09

    What a cool piece Gosia. 💟

    1. Blue Tram 25 September 2022 at 16:14

      Thanks, Catalina. It was a fantastic day. 🙂


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