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“Sound of silence”

In my hut this spring,

There is nothing –

There is everything!

/Haiku, Jamaguchi Sodo/

Soft steps on the carpet, breathing, swallowing saliva, birds chirping, rain knocking on the window. I hear it when I sit down in meditation. My thoughts flow like boats on a rough ocean. Silence slowly measure an existence.

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Umbrella Orphanage

When the next month is still terribly grey and the ocean is pouring on your head. Do you wonder if the Irish winter consisted of the same Blue Mondays?

On top of it people in Galway still hope it rains. Yes, HOPE it RAINS – SOINEANN nó DOINEANN this is the project, as part of the European Capital of Culture Galway 2020, dedicated especially to Galway – the rainiest city in Europe.

The authors of this activity prove that rainy and blowing weather can bring people closer to each other and wake up creativity.

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“Life is beautiful because of the people we meet”

Have you ever had the situation that hostile weather thwarted your plans, just like a storm stopped the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture at 8 th February 2020, in Galway, Ireland and overturned the plans of 50,000 enthusiasts?

Nothing replaces the performance prepared by the Wonder Works class-world company. However, even a pressing storm can not stop what was born between people in the rainy city.

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Blogger Bash in Athlone

My blog is called Blue Tram, because I imagine that I travel by ordinary public transport, exactly by trams through my life. I meet various people, I have diverse situations, and views outside the window. Recently blue tram or be precise the grey train from Galway let me down to Blogger Bash in Athlone.

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