“Heaven to rent” – collage workshop via Skype

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When I make paper collages I cut out something from inside me: dreams, emotions, the future. Then suddenly I can walk on a lavender field in a green coat. Heathers grow out of my head. The cat smells like the sun.

Following my imagination, I am looking for what I miss.

During a hard time when we all have to stay at home, collages have inspired me to create workshops with my friends via Skype.

So recently I met with one boy Michał, whom I had not seen for a long time and we made a collage workshop together with the title: “Heaven to rent“.

We saw each other on the screen, but could not exchange materials, instead of that we shared ideas and sing together the song “Heaven to rent”, which actually inspired us to create our personal Paradise. Fluffy stairs led to Michał’s heaven, and special curtains with music notes hung on his window. There was also a table and delicious fruits on it. My sky turned out to be a fairytale forest with a big tree and you had to climb it on a ladder.

The meeting with Michał motivated me to make a collage workshop also with my niece Martyna and my sister Ewa. Then again I could have ginger hair, and ride a bicycle and Martyna was pouring Americano through the screen straight into my cup.

The adventure with collages continues because we all want to continue our creation.

I also wonder that maybe someone else would like to join us?

Finally, I would like to mention that my friend Irena Brojek has been creating great collages for a long time, and she also shared her passion during classes at the “Neighborhood Cafe” in Wrocław. I also discovered interesting collages by Agata Wieczorkowska, na jej blogu: “Kałue i róże”. Famous Polish poet Wisława Szymborska liked to create collages, too.

What do you think about this post and workshop?

Thank you for your feedback!

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2 Comments “Heaven to rent” – collage workshop via Skype

  1. Alodia1949 29 March 2020 at 21:22

    właśnie po przeczytaniu biografii Szymborskiej zaczęłam robić wyklejanki – pocztówki a potem kolaże; prowadziłam takie zajęcia w Dolnośląskiej bibliotece Publicznej w ramach Dni Seniora, Klubie Seniora Bakara i w Kawiarni Sąsiedzkiej (NIE bibliotece) w “Firleju”, pozdrawiam 🙂

  2. Blue Tram 9 September 2020 at 14:47

    Kolaże to świetny sposób na relaks! Z chęcią wzięłabym udział kiedyś w Twoich warsztatach. 🙂


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