Meeting with Daniel Munteanu – an author of project “Transience”

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The value of things is not the time they last but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people

Fernando Pessoa

“Transience” – this is the project of impressionist photography with poetry and music. It is an idea by Daniel Munteanu, Romanian artist from Sibiu. I had a chance to seen his exhibition and also the short movies of visual poems at the Bruckenthal Museum of Contemporary Art in Sibiu, during International Theatre Festival.

Daniel’s Art is about fleeting moments, which appeared in our life and disappear so quickly but they left vital light inside us. He paints on the photographies by the light which take an effect like impressionism painting. Daniel uses intentional camera movement technique – physically moving the camera in different ways while taking a picture with a long exposure to achieve true impressionist photography at a level seldom reached in the past.

I felt the peace and poetry in my bones

In the movies the pictures were blurr in the light, but in the same while emotions in my soul were clear. I was wandering through the squares of different cities like through the moments of my life, no matter where which continent. There was a dream home inside me.

Transience - An artist's journey by Daniel Munteanu

My interview with innovative artist -Daniel Munteanu

Blue Tram:  What is the poetry for you?

Daniel Munteanu: For me, writing poetry is liberation by the oldest means of expressing myself I have ever used. It is also a release of my imagination because in essence poetry has no bounds. Poetry should also be free from wanting to please or realistically describe or be subjected to any fixed form though you can give it a fixed structure if you wish or are good enough to achieve that. Let’s say poetry is singing without a voice.

B.T.: What motivated you to make this project and connect photography, and impressionist painting with poetry? 

D.M: I guess it’s a long experience in image making and also writing… it felt naturally to somehow connect them, like in haiga. Haiga is an art that mixes haiku poetry with calligraphy and with painting. I only combined writing and the visual image, but also then found a voice for that image.

B.T.: Has this project changed something in yorself?

D.M.: I think it has taught me patience and the fact that even if I’m very good at what I am doing, the world is really large and there are a lot of people who create wonderful things. Also, that to achieve something you must put a lot of time and persevere into it – if you want to master a technique, there are no shortcuts. Is it worth it? I still don’t have that answer.

B.T. : Also you said to me that you were writing poems, before, but at the moment you not writing. Would you like to write again, one time?

D.M.: Yes, I wish I will writing again. I really miss that and I also feel there is much power in the writing.

B.T.: Which poets inspire you the most?

D.M.: There are some Romanian poets like Nichita Stanescu or Cezar Ivanescu and some international ones such as Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, Leonard Cohen (perfect mix of poetry and music), Walt Whitman, A.E. Poe, Esenin, Leopardi, Fernando Pessoa, Frost, Dickinson, Shelly, William Blake, and many others.

Thank you for an interview. / Mulțumesc pentru interviu!

All photos in this article come from Daniel Munteanu’s collection. All rights reserved.

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