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A few years ago, I got an idea for a book about middle-aged women who consistently work with passion. In Ireland’s humid and changeable climate, I met many self-satisfied women, and they made me love my graying hair. I made interviews to find out how they keep fire in their hearts and shape into action. However, when I wrote seven chapters, I locked them in a file for four years. Not because I didn’t want to continue with this idea, but simply because I didn’t organize my time to work on the book.

In life, you have to push yourself on the road

-so said Claire, one woman of my book.

So, that’s what I’m doing now. I reopen my notes and put my head out for a fresh breeze. The next characters have long lived in my thoughts because I have never stopped looking for them. It seems I am ready to write e-mails with a request for further interviews. I take out the phone to the other room and set the timer for 30 minutes, then I can take a 5-minute break. I’ll work on my book for a minimum of two hours and keep this writing routine every day.

Hesitation is the end of the action

Fernando Pessoa

Women of my book make films, dance, meditate, pray, are teachers, work in the office, sail to Antarctica, get wet in the rain, read poems, walk along the streets of Galway, Headford, Athenry, or York. They have a bright view of the world and people, although they struggle with many difficulties, and their paths are usually twisted. However, they emphasize that the small details that they often pay attention illuminate their lives. Because, according to these women, passion is a way of notice at what life is bringing to us.

Sometimes our plans fall apart and the rain won’t stop for weeks, so a mold allergy suffocates. Meanwhile, our unfulfilled desires can open us to creativity. Remember this!

At the end of this post, which is like a door to adventure, I wanted to thanks everyone who waits and believes in my project. Readers who follow posts and poems, see worth in them and give me feedback. Although, the English grammar falls over on a straight path sometimes, and the Polish syntax goes for a beer to the bar in Warsaw.

Yes, there are times when I want to quit it all. But I know well that writing is a craft, and writer spends tedious hours on it. This is a struggle with oneself, knocking on the doors, keeping routine without variation. But finally, it can be like joyfully run along the beach to the ocean, which, even in cold Ireland, can be incredibly turquoise.

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2 Comments The Work On My Book

  1. Paulien den Bode 5 June 2021 at 13:44

    I like the idea of this book a lot and love to read the view of woman that follow their own brightness. Their experiences tells us about their courage and struggles to continue is my assumption. I would love to read about that. Continue in the proces for what you believe in makes us strong.

    1. Blue Tram 5 June 2021 at 16:20

      Paulien, thank you so much for the words you wrote here. It motivates me and turns on the light on the way. Because the light turns off sometimes. But when you know others are waiting for the book, then you find the spark again.


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