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Kiss of life

Hold the light, it’s inside and will be there day or night

– sang Bert Sommer at the Woodstock festival.

I have no idea how it happens but when I am really resigned and I can not see the sun in my life, even if the sun shines outside the window. When the darkness wants to grab me, then unexpectedly something blue gives me a kiss.

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How I found my tree

One day, I saw a tall tree on the sunny grass. Its taproots were so spreading so I decided to sit on one of them, and I rested my back on a warm trunk. It was so comfortable like sitting in an armchair and I felt great. Then I thought to go back to this tree every day, which unexpectedly became my companion.

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Crisis on the tenth day of lackdown

A crow flies from tree to tree, and I want to contemplate his velvet wings. Meanwhile, the bird sits between the leafless branches on the background of the clouds. He is staring at me. Why spring is missing today? – I swallow my thought with the air and almost run along my dear path as if I were running away.

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Poetry in time of pandemic

In the Galway University Hospital framed POEMS hanging for years.

Once, when we went to the Emergency Department with my husband, we were sitting in this waiting room with poetry around. And I remember that this little help of poems broke away us from the tension of fears.

At the moment we could cross the borders without moving.

So I strongly believe, that POETRY can be caring for us during a pandemic.

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“Sound of silence”

In my hut this spring,

There is nothing –

There is everything!

/Haiku, Jamaguchi Sodo/

Soft steps on the carpet, breathing, swallowing saliva, birds chirping, rain knocking on the window. I hear it when I sit down in meditation. My thoughts flow like boats on a rough ocean. Silence slowly measure an existence.

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What does coffee mean to you?

Hey Barista

– some people call me at work, and I value this nickname because I like to make coffee and drink it.

Recently, one customer told me that he likes coffee made exactly by me. Then I realized that the fact how I care about making each coffee makes sense.

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Stormy weather dress

Until recently I was sporadically wearing dresses, but thanks to the stormy weather that is raging in Galway day by day and also a gale in my head I discovered that if I put on a colourful dress, I can feel the spring even in the middle of winter.

You probably noticed that the weather often appears in my articles. Eh, it’s impossible to hide, that in Ireland meteorological conditions can be really depressing. Through the months of grey clouds, I have been dizzy since morning and often I don’t  want to go outside.

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