Green dress for the Emerald Island

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Oh, my life changes every day in every possible way The Cranberries sings, and I could notice a young shamrock emerging from the darkness. I see these little boutonnières pinned to hoodies and waterproof jackets. Because today Saint Patrick is cleaning up on the island after winter.

Green color flashes everywhere. So I also put on my new green dress and go to town amazed as I remembered my first year in Ireland a long time ago. There is extraordinary joy in the greatest Irish celebration which love all over the world.

In O’Connell’s Bar, the light is orange, the flag on Yvi’s cheeks, cotillions in Cecilia’s hair, wool hats for the heads of a family of 4, and even a dog has a special ribbon on the collar. Rain cuts under the hats of Leprechauns, who are between us today. Everyone is at ease, no matter if they are drinking beer or tea. Rainbows are painted in hearts.

Today I’m happy to be on this Celtic Island who has green eyes and always tousled hair. I feel the breeze, I feel at ease, it’s my perfect dayThe Cranberries whispers to my ear, and my husband takes the best pics of me as usual. 🙂

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