Paradise Found In Ireland

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When the sun is shining, Connemara looks like a fairy-tale land. Lush green spills onto the road like a cocktail of parsley and kiwi. It mixes with navy streams and sea-pink Armeria Maritima for several dozen kilometers. Magic mountains reign under the sky, and at their foot the most beautiful turquoise I have ever seen is glazed.

The Paradise Beach doesn’t just happen in the movie

We take the roads winding through the Joyce Country to Glassilaun Beach. A beach that has already impressed us on a stormy day, in the light is like a dream come true. So we run into an idyllic space through bright green grasses. On the horizon, the Mweelrea Mountain looks like King Kong who watches beachgoers from a distance. I take off my sneakers and I can feel the carpet of the shell. I notice in surprise that they are oblong – Are they true shells? According to Wikipedia, they are Razor Sheels, and the razor clams live in the sand, especially in Northern Europe. But they are similar to clams who live in the tropic sea.

Meanwhile, this is not the only trace of the exotic. There is a tiny island in front of us. So we roll up our jeans to the knees to get to the other side. In rockpool, we see Lithothamnion –  it is a calcareous seaweed that forms pink or purple encrustations, and even more types of shells. I am not surprised that the movie Tristan and Isolde was shot in this location.

Rocks like on Monet’s canvas

Walking on the sand, we listen to birdsong and sheep bleating. There are green hills behind our backs and newborn sheep are jumping on them. I turn around and go through the sand to take a picture. Meanwhile, the beach is crisscrossed by magnet-colored rocks. You can notice celadon, sapphire, and shades of caramel, just like on Claude Monet’s canvas. A colorful flower grows out of the sand on my way- it’s already commonplace on a fairy-tale island.

One and a half centimeters of traces in slightly moist sand are also interesting. Maybe the Mweelrea mountain really is King Kong? Ah, my only regret is that I don’t have a swimsuit with me. The intensely turquoise Atlantic tickles pleasantly my calves, the children jump over the wild waves. The dolphin is swimming far away. I stand in a pink mood, amazed at what life has brought me.

Did you discover your paradise in the latest time?

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