What have I learned in two years of blogging?

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I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

W.B. Yeats “He wishes for the cloths of heaven”

For two years I have published the first blog post. The decision to set up my own writing site was like a return to myself and brought me to a wonderful adventure. You can read what new things have I learned.

Trust your own ideas

I carried the project about the blog in my head for a long time, but it was the impulse of my trip to Romania that led me to move it to be alive. Today I draw the conclusion that if you have some idea, make it a reality. Let take a risk! I still learn it.

Domain and hosting make a difference

Previously, Blue Tram used to be on the free wordpress.com platform. However, when after a year, I found that on my blog appear unwelcome advertising, and it was between verses in the poems.  I got angry and speedily decided to buy my own domain and hosting. I have noticed that the difference is huge. First of all, I became the owner of my website, and I could make the individual design, which is on wordpress.org now. I could also display my handmade cards in Tram’s Gallery. Before I used to have a separate website. Designing the blog was created with the help of specialists from Hash Magnet. They still give me support and providing services. Finally, nothing appears without my permission. And, I can have the beautiful logo (made by Maciek Doczyk), in the right place.

Writing is a job

I already mentioned in last year’s article, that I care about professional writing. This is absolutely a hard job that requires systematic, humility, and constant learning. So, recently, I went to an editing course – “Think Like an Editor!” – prepared by Renata Gluza, who had the opportunity to edit well-known Polish reporter and writer Ryszard Kapuściński. It was a very intensive lesson like a year of journalism through seven hours. When I was working as a journalist at the local newspaper in Wroclaw, I had an editor who always was checking my articles before publishing. Since then, I know very well how professional text editing is important.

Digital Marketing helps

I used to think wrong about marketing and afraid of it. Via blogging, I understood that it is necessary. Because it assists me to be visible and helps the readers to find my articles among thousand rest. I used to practice SEO as a copywriter before. After a year of blogging, I set up a Fan Page on Facebook and a profile on Instagram. Lately, I bought a small advert ( cost 10 Euro) to improve the range of my page. Meanwhile, I turn it on, and I got a doubt – why I am doing it? – but after an hour I knew that was a good decision. Because it helped me find new readers who are truly interested in my blog theme. And it also changed my thinking about self-promotion.  How the readers can find me if I remain hidden.

Learn from others

Some friends think, that I want to be a self-sufficient girl. But, others inspire me a lot. I found out many blog tips from Riennahera, or my friend Irena Brojek, who promotes her blog mostly offline, which is a sensation for me. I like to observe how others bring their ideas to life. I learn from poets who successfully advertise their poetry and works by others: Katarina Lamel, Małgorzata Wątor, Justyna Paluch, Trevor Conway, Sharon Watts. The courage of Daria Danuta Lisiecka, cultural animator and creator of the Polish National Meetings “White Locomotive”, impresses me. And I watch how Sandra Coffey makes the interesting promotion of her big experiences as a former journalist, and she moves it to the book.

The whole process of writing is an adventure and making the connection for me. Therefore I am quoting the poet again:

I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

wrote W.B. Yeats He wishes for the cloths of heaven.

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